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Help and Advice

Find out if we’ve already addressed the questions on your mind. If there’s something we haven’t covered, get in touch with us today. We are here to help you however we can.

Vacation Rental FAQ

1 - HOW DO I RECEIVE THE KEYS? We will be at the location in person to give you your keys and explain the ins and outs of the accommodation.

2 - DO I NEED TO BRING MY OWN SOAP/ TOILET PAPER/ WASHING DETERGENT? No. From dish washing liquid, to towels, to hair dryers, all our accommodations are fully equipped to be livable as soon as you arrive. The only thing we don't offer is coffee capsules.

3 - HOW DO I GET IN CONTACT WITH YOU? You can contact us by email or filling out the form on our contact page. For guests who have already booked a stay with us, you will have our direct phone number that you can call or contact on Whatsapp.

4 - WILL THERE BE PARKING AVAILABLE? Yes. Most of our properties have free private indoor parking. The rest will have free public parking on the nearby street.

5 - ANY SPECIAL CONCERNS I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT? It is against the law in Madeira to make loud noise between the hours of 22h00 and 08h00. Do note that breaking any law within the premises of our properties could lead to eviction.

Car Rental FAQ

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